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Cast Line-up

All current named cast members together, twenty-one by now. These are actually multiple images combined into one because my computer can’t handle that many characters at once.
Warning for mobile users: The PNG version of the image is huge. You probably don’t want to click on the link to the full-size version.


“Use the tub”, he said…

Zoran actually should be surprisingly lightweight, at least compared to most horses. (Found a website that estimates a horse’s weight based on its measures.) Well, he is kind of small and skinny, I guess. I’m still a bit worried if this is save for him. That tub wasn’t designed to be stepped on by small and sharp hooves.

Thank you, Ezekiel, for the idea! And don’t worry, since you said you hated censor bars I went ahead and censored the censor bar for you.

Just teasing. Find the uncensored version below the fold. 😛



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