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The Emergency Pit Stop – Alternate Reality

Themoment and a few others over at pixiv asked for a different end where Sarah wets herself. So as promised here is this alternate reality version of “the emergency pit stop”. The first page is not changed, I included it in the post for completeness sake. Hope you enjoy!
Mom and dad are probably longing for the start of the school year right about now. Or seriously considering a vasectomy.

Cloth Diaper, Part 4

Do you still remember the image set with Kyle I did last year and never finished?
I for one apparently forgot about it until I found some more images of it I made back in 2017 but never got around to post until now.

So here they are. First night with those stupid bulky cloth diapers and they already leaked a little. But no worries, Kyle has a bulletproof plan to make sure he is getting his disposable diapers back. (more…)

Made It Home in Time, Page 16

The final page.
Also lots more corrections to previous ones. Corrected the bathroom floor on page 10 and the numbering for page 15. And added a page for “Made It Home in Time” in the list of comics you can find in the menu to the right. Somehow I always forgot to do so before.

I am working on the last images for “Intruders” at the moment and intend to finish that as well during the next week.


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