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Bathroom Voyeur – Sarah, Swimsuit Edition

As promised in the comments under Paul’s post, I found a female volunteer to recreate the scene with. Here she is, please give an applause for Sarah!
I am working on updating those of my cast who are based on older figures to newer ones, so this is also a bit of a test run for Sarah’s new self. There might still be some changes, but this will be her general look from now on. I hope you like her!

Some Tests

I am looking for a nice scene that renders quickly for a male peeing animation like the one I did with Sarah. So I had Brian pee in a lot of places. He wasn’t happy about all the water I had him drink so he could keep going, but it’s healthy to keep well hydrated, right?

These scenes are the two best from my tests. So far the lake is by far the fastest. I like the restroom, too, but it’s taking too long to render for an animation.


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