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Character Creation

Character Creation 00

Character Creation

Since I was asked about it a few times, I made a small series on how I go about creating a new character.

I usually don’t create half as many test renders in the process, and even if the images are at reduced quality, rendering them all still took several hours, so this slowed down my work-flow quite a lot. I’m sorry, but there probably won’t be another blog post this week.


Drynite Test Renders

I wanted to start posting a bedwetting themed series today, but making a drynite in daz took more time than I anticipated. So instead, here is a small preview on my progress.

Oh, and I also designed a new character, that might have something to do with taking longer than expected as well. Say hello to the new new boy! (I really need to start naming them.) With a bit of coaxing, I talked him into showing off his new drynite.

Not perfect, but I’m mostly happy about the way they turned out.

Dry version:

Drynite Preview front (more…)


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