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I’m still experimenting with fluids simulation. No animation for this one, this scene takes 3-4 hours to render an image (and they still look a bit grainy). 240 images at 20-30 minutes each for the one with Jonas was painful enough.

Donar: “Now, for this demonstration I need another volunteer. Ah, yes, Simon. Please stand in front of that wall over there!”

Simon: “What’s that floating glob thingy?”


They’re Multiplying!

Just in case you thought I didn’t already have too many unfinished projects, here is a small preview of three more little critters I made. I needed some younger kids for an idea I was asked to do, besides I wanted to fill that gap between Ronnie and the rest of the cast anyway.
From left to right the boys are Jonas, Chris and Simon. (But don’t tell anyone, I think they’re some kind of superheros and their real identities need to stay secret.) More on them once I get around to start on that project.


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