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Now that she has been coaxed out of her hiding spot, I believe it is time to reveal a bit more about the newest cast member.

Priscilla is Louis’ slightly overweight pet fairy dragon. These love-children of a lonely komodo dragon and a drunk butterfly fairy dragons are the size of a large cat, and get their name both from their fairy-like wings as well as their mischievous nature. What they lack in size they make up for in cleverness and magical power. Like their larger relatives, fairy dragons often collect small object such as coins or other shiny trinkets. They can get quite obsessed with growing and protecting this hoard of theirs.

Fairy dragons can make very loyal pets, and – due to their intelligence and magical aptness – can even become powerful familiars. Generally, though, they are considered difficult and unpredictable and only fit for very experienced and dedicated owners. Certainly not a beginner’s pet.

Priscilla is quite old, she has been in Louis’ family for over two generations now and she is generally docile and good-natured. Louis’ parents still had to pull quite a few strings at the ministry to get him permission to bring her to school.

I also made this handy chart that hopefully explains things some more. So, Priscilla is a cat, basically.


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