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The Arch

There is a plugin for Daz Studio now that allows actual simulation of fluids. I finally got it and played around with it these past few days. It is a bit more finicky than I had hoped and it took me some time to get it to create narrow jets of water. On the other hand I’m very happy at how stable it is compared to other ressource-hungry plugins. May take some time to do its simulations, but did not crash even once. And I like the results.

Someone (Paul?) mentioned they liked Jonas’ podgy rear, so I had him do the demonstration. Kid has talent. You don’t want to know how much I had to cheat with physics to get that arch.

The Emergency Pit Stop – Alternate Reality

Themoment and a few others over at pixiv asked for a different end where Sarah wets herself. So as promised here is this alternate reality version of “the emergency pit stop”. The first page is not changed, I included it in the post for completeness sake. Hope you enjoy!
Mom and dad are probably longing for the start of the school year right about now. Or seriously considering a vasectomy.


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