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A Stroll in the Forest

Aaron and Liam take a stroll in the forest.

Oh, but today’s set isn’t about them, it is about the little scamp in the front. New character and I think the youngest-looking I ever tried to create. His name is Ronnie and he is Aaron’s little brother.

Aaron is actually supposed to look after him, not make out with his boyfriend. His parents tend to dump Ronnie on him when he is home from school. To be fair, though, Aaron usually doesn’t mind, he is good with kids and Ronnie loves his big brother. (more…)

Young Love

A while ago I got a request for a kiss scene between Daniel and Louis. Sorry it took me so long to catch up on my mail and get around to it.

Louis immediately loved the idea, while Daniel… let’s just say, Louis got to him first. I’m not sure this is exactly the romantic kiss that was requested, but it is the kiss you get.

Enjoy! (Louis sure did.)


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