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Louis 2.0

Louis got a make-over.
He still has quite a bit more puppy fat than Florian, in fact, he put on a few pounds. I also ended up adjusting his hips and chest a bit after all. He looks more boyish now, though I kept a hint of the female shape.
If you got a magnifying glass and squint really really hard, you might even see a few stubbles of hair under his arms and in his pubes now. But him being blonde, it isn’t very visible to begin with and he shaves, so it is very short. It probably won’t be visible in anything but very close-up shots of those regions. (more…)

Genesis 2 Meets Genesis 3

I mentioned before that Florian is build from the female Genesis 3 figure. Louis uses a female version as his base as well, though he is the previous generation, Genesis 2. So here is a comparison of the two.

I deliberately left Louis’ shape a bit more ambiguous while I don’t think anyone would guess that Florian is based on the female version. However, what is most striking to me is how much of a difference the little details I added to Florian’s shape make. His ribs showing, the muscles in his thighs and so on. Obviously he was meant to be skinny and a bit muscular, so it is more visible, while Louis just isn’t. In some small part this probably is also due to improvements between Genesis 2 and 3, but I believe it mostly is the additional attention to such details I put into Florian and I could improve upon my older generation characters as well.
What do you think? Or do you like Louis’ current look better?

Oh, by the way, since Louis brought “it” up. Funnily enough, the reason for Florian’s impressive growth is his female base figure. He uses a different penis than the male base and his doesn’t like to be scaled as much. Poor Louis on the other hand has the same penis as the males of his generation.


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