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The Flight Mechanics of the Cherubim

A chat I had on pixiv yesterday gave me the idea to this little comic.
Also, I have seen other artists depict angel-like beings with their tiny wings on their butt for some reason. I have no idea if these are creatures from non-Abrahamic mythologies (Kinnara maybe?) or how that style came to be. In any case I found the visuals both funny and cute, so …Louis may or may not be pulling their leg.

Louis 2.0

Louis got a make-over.
He still has quite a bit more puppy fat than Florian, in fact, he put on a few pounds. I also ended up adjusting his hips and chest a bit after all. He looks more boyish now, though I kept a hint of the female shape.
If you got a magnifying glass and squint really really hard, you might even see a few stubbles of hair under his arms and in his pubes now. But him being blonde, it isn’t very visible to begin with and he shaves, so it is very short. It probably won’t be visible in anything but very close-up shots of those regions. (more…)


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