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Sarah and Daniel

Almost done with the make-overs, only a few more characters to go.

Daniel mostly put on a few pounds, to be honest. Not that there is anything wrong with that, though he is a bit miffed about the new look I gave him and won’t speak to me right now.

Sarah got new hair and I gave her a bit more development in the chest area. Daniel thinks she still is flat as a board. I’m afraid they aren’t on speaking terms with each other at the moment either.

Made It Home in Time, Page 16

The final page.
Also lots more corrections to previous ones. Corrected the bathroom floor on page 10 and the numbering for page 15. And added a page for “Made It Home in Time” in the list of comics you can find in the menu to the right. Somehow I always forgot to do so before.

I am working on the last images for “Intruders” at the moment and intend to finish that as well during the next week.


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