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Bathroom Voyeur – Sarah, Swimsuit Edition

As promised in the comments under Paul’s post, I found a female volunteer to recreate the scene with. Here she is, please give an applause for Sarah!
I am working on updating those of my cast who are based on older figures to newer ones, so this is also a bit of a test run for Sarah’s new self. There might still be some changes, but this will be her general look from now on. I hope you like her!

Idunn’s Apples

Idunn, the Norse goddess of youth. Her apples are what give the Aesir their eternal youth, as we learn when she is abducted with Loki’s help and the gods start to age. But out of the goodness of his heart after some death threats Loki helps return her to the Aesir and everyone is restored to their youthful selves. There is no mention of Loki himself being affected by the rapid ageing, and maybe he isn’t, being both a Jotunn and a shapeshifter. As for Idunn, sadly, as is so often the case with women in mythology, she is mostly reduced to a bargaining chip for the male gods and we learn little of what she herself thinks of the whole affair.
In any case, as you can see, one of her apples is a truly generous gift indeed.

Given the personality I’ve given my Idunn, however, I think I’ll pass on this one.

The Teapotty, Page 5

Public service announcement: The second image of this page apparently is cursed. I had to render it four times because the 5 hour process always got interrupted shortly before it could finish. First, literally less than 5 minutes from completion, the first blackout I experienced since I moved here three years ago hit. When the power was restored a minute later, I set it up to do the image again over night, but daz studio crashed and again, no image. On the third attempt an hour from completion I opened a browser window to quickly look something up, causing the graphics memory to overflow and the render process to switch from the GPU to CPU mode, which turned the hour left into several days. After the violent disassembly of some furniture some peaceful meditation and 5 more hours of waiting, the fourth attempt finally succeeded. Anyway, I do not know if the curse is contagious and what might happen if you look at that image. So view the following page at your own peril!

You can find all previous images of this comic here.


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