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Number Two

Fluid simulation experiment #4, fluids can be made viscous to simulate… other things.
Sorry if you don’t like scat, probably want to skip this post.

I’m not entirely happy with this animation. The simulation runs too fast compared to his movements and I still haven’t mastered moving characters’ centre of mass while keeping their feet in the same place. Textured liquids look fine in still images but become jittery in animations. Not sure how to fix that. And finally, some simulation artefacts getting stuck floating in the air.
Anyway, Magni and Odin have gone on strike and refuse to redo the whole thing, this is the best we’ll get for now. (more…)


Another animation experiment. I think there is a special name for mostly still images that only have a small detail animated, but it escapes me. I like the effect and it’s way easier than animating the whole thing.
You can find the gif version below the fold in case the webm thingy doesn’t work for everybody.
Sep 26, 2018 @ 19:00 Edit: Noticed the grass poking through Brian’s leg and sneakily replaced both files with a fixed version. You may need to update your browser cache to see it.
Sep 26, 2018 @ 21:00 Another Edit: Decided to create a fundoshi version for pixiv instead of censoring the nude one. Added said version. This time I remembered the grass in Brian’s leg before posting (but not before creating the first version of the files), so this hopefully is the last edit to this post.


Torus Lights

Another animation. Louis wouldn’t stop whining until I made one with him in it, too. This experiment turned out much better than I expected. Getting better at scenes with multiple independently moving items.
Video version and a few more still images below the fold.

The longer version of Sarah’s clip still needs a few more day.

Sarah Toilet Pee Preview

Some time ago I got a request for a different ending to “Made It Home in Time” where Sarah made it to the toilet.
Sarah liked the idea, so she and Daniel decided to record a little video.

Rendering all those frames is taking ages and I’m still working on a longer version, but here are some previews. Because of the better quality and the much smaller file size I used the webm format instead of gif. I hope nobody has playback issues, but afaik any non-ancient browser should be able to play those.

Continuing the Experiments

The last one missing for my make-over experiment was a first generation Genesis character.

I chose Ronnie as my victim Ronnie kindly volunteered for this purpose.

Ronnie is the youngest character I tried to create so far and I wasn’t happy with his proportions. So I did not just try to add more details to his shape, I also tried to correct his proportions. Therefore he has changed a lot more than most other characters will, but I think it is a improvement.

Here is his new look: (more…)

Ronnie Animation

After “the Leak Incident” I got multiple requests for a scat version. I’m afraid the little animation I created isn’t as over-the-top as requested, but I hope you like it anyway.

I want to get more into making animations, so I used this as a learning opportunity. I’m mostly happy about how it turned out, though I know the camera movements are choppy. It has way too few frames and yet I had to shrink down the finished gif a lot and reduce its quality to get the file size down.

Click on “more” if you want to see the animation. Content warning: Scat. (more…)


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