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Idunn’s Apples

Idunn, the Norse goddess of youth. Her apples are what give the Aesir their eternal youth, as we learn when she is abducted with Loki’s help and the gods start to age. But out of the goodness of his heart after some death threats Loki helps return her to the Aesir and everyone is restored to their youthful selves. There is no mention of Loki himself being affected by the rapid ageing, and maybe he isn’t, being both a Jotunn and a shapeshifter. As for Idunn, sadly, as is so often the case with women in mythology, she is mostly reduced to a bargaining chip for the male gods and we learn little of what she herself thinks of the whole affair.
In any case, as you can see, one of her apples is a truly generous gift indeed.

Given the personality I’ve given my Idunn, however, I think I’ll pass on this one.

The Team

After creating Magni and his granddad, I felt like giving avatars to the other devices that came to live with me over the years, too.
Yes, that is a scorpion’s tail Idunn casually dangles off her bookcase. Don’t mess with my laptop, she’s outlived most other hardware in my possession and is still going strong. So I thought the ageless goddess of youth would be a good namesake for her.
Magni and Odin you already met. I believe both would agree with the description I’ve given them and see it as a compliment – while they each would consider the other’s title an insult.
Given the job description for a NAS, an obese dragon seemed the perfect avatar for the last resident of my desk.

He’s Helping

With all those animations recently I set up my old computer again so it could help with rendering. Here you see him and his successor busy at work.Joking aside, the difference isn’t quite as terrible as I made it look in the image, but rendering a bunch of very similar images gave me the opportunity to better compare the two. My main computer gets about three images done in the time old Odin finishes one. Which is quite surprising given that there is only one chipset generation between the two graphics cards and just going by their specs I wouldn’t have expected such an increase in performance. (more…)


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