Image Sets

A Stroll in the Forest

Aaron and Liam take Aaron’s little brother Ronnie for a stroll in the forest. In the middle of the woods, Ronnie has to pee.

Brian in the Exercise Studio

Brian plays with an exercise ball. Bonus watersports images.

Fairy Twins Desk Set

Nosy fairy twins Étaín and Cáel followed a human home one day and decided to pose on his desk to let him take some photos.

Glowing Freckles

Louis posing under some special light. Some pee in the end.

Haru and Brian Posing in the Locker Room

Haru and Brian are showing off in the locker room. Some nudity in the end.

Haru Toilet Spy

Apparently, someone installed a bunch of cameras in the public restroom.

In the Garden Retreat

Louis had an eye on Florian ever since they first met. This summer he finally got the chance to invite him over.

Louis Chess

Louis is posing in front of some giant chess pieces.

On the Tram

Zachary and Daniel are on their way home from school. Zac dislikes public bathrooms, so he usually just holds it in till he gets home. Today, he doesn’t quite make it.

Red & Blue

Aaron lounges on a divan. Each image has a red version and a blue one.

Sarah and Daniel Outdoors

Sarah and her Brother Daniel pose and undress in an outdoor location. Some peeing in the end.

The Leak Incident

Apparently, Ronnie’s diaper sprang a little leak while he was playing in the garden yesterday. I made these images after his account of the events, they may be slightly exaggerated.

Young Cyclist

Florian goes on a bicycle trip and ends up stripping for the camera. Bonus image of him peeing.


Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Donar, a hobbyist 3D artist, and this is where I post my art.

The computer-generated images in this Blog contain artificial nudity and deal with mature and sexual themes such as omorashi, watersports, yaoi or shota. If such material offends you or if it is illegal for you to view such material in your location, please leave now!