Sarah Toilet Pee Preview

Some time ago I got a request for a different ending to “Made It Home in Time” where Sarah made it to the toilet.
Sarah liked the idea, so she and Daniel decided to record a little video.

Rendering all those frames is taking ages and I’m still working on a longer version, but here are some previews. Because of the better quality and the much smaller file size I used the webm format instead of gif. I hope nobody has playback issues, but afaik any non-ancient browser should be able to play those.

Sarah and Daniel

Almost done with the make-overs, only a few more characters to go.

Daniel mostly put on a few pounds, to be honest. Not that there is anything wrong with that, though he is a bit miffed about the new look I gave him and won’t speak to me right now.

Sarah got new hair and I gave her a bit more development in the chest area. Daniel thinks she still is flat as a board. I’m afraid they aren’t on speaking terms with each other at the moment either.


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