The Emergency Pit Stop

I did not intend to make this into a comic when I started working on it. This was supposed to be just a quick image or two of Sarah taking a leak on the side of the road – just like the set with Jezebeth. In fact, Sarah was the first and the one who inspired me to create Jezebeth’s set (and a few more of characters taking a leak while travelling, expect to see them in the next few weeks).

You know, end of holidays, driving home from vacation. Dad wants to keep the average speed up, so he drives for hours without breaks, but the kids are cranky and desperate for the bathroom, so in the end mom makes him stop at the side of the road.

The last image of the set is the first I created. But Sarah seemed quite upset at Daniel in that image, so I wondered why and began to add more and more images before it. When the set was finally done, I realised that it was perfect to make into a little comic.


Cast Line-up

All current named cast members together, twenty-one by now. These are actually multiple images combined into one because my computer can’t handle that many characters at once.
Warning for mobile users: The PNG version of the image is huge. You probably don’t want to click on the link to the full-size version.


Sarah Toilet Pee Preview

Some time ago I got a request for a different ending to “Made It Home in Time” where Sarah made it to the toilet.
Sarah liked the idea, so she and Daniel decided to record a little video.

Rendering all those frames is taking ages and I’m still working on a longer version, but here are some previews. Because of the better quality and the much smaller file size I used the webm format instead of gif. I hope nobody has playback issues, but afaik any non-ancient browser should be able to play those.


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