Two Greedy Monsters and a Well-Prepared Astronaut, Part 1

Daniel and his friends go trick-or-treating, but they get a bit greedy and run into a little problem.

I hope you like this little Halloween special! Sorry for splitting this into two parts, I didn’t finish in time.

PS: The mummy’s name is Zachary.

PPS: Oh, I forgot to mention one thing: I chose the costumes for Daniel and Zachary because of a very cute omorashi Halloween story I read on deviantart. You can find it here, it is worth a read if you like omorashi.

halloween-2016-page-00-cover (more…)

Intruders, Page 4

I finally got the remaining two images for the next page done. Sorry for the delay!
(If you’re wondering, it was Cáel up there on the right who killed the computer. Or at least it died while rendering him. Coincidence? I think not! Bet the little imp did something!)

I also decided to name the human boy Jonathan Tobias Griffith. I hope Ezekiel doesn’t mind that “Tobias” only ended up his second name. Jonathan is the descendant of a long line of mages, but other than that I won’t give away any more about him yet.



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