Louis Cyril Ariel Bellerose

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It doesn’t get much more old-blood than the Bellerose. Fourteen years old Louis Cyril Ariel, who usually just goes by his first name Louis, is the youngest heir to this ancient family of powerful wizards. The Bellerose are well respected for their mastery of the arcane arts, however, it seems one can’t have such a close affinity to magic without being touched by it oneself. Over the generations, they have build quite the reputation for their eccentricity – some might go so far as to call it madness.

Louis certainly isn’t an exception from this. Cheeky and flamboyant, he always has to be at the centre of attention. Though he rarely acts with ill intentions, he usually doesn’t think things through before he jumps into action. When he tries to help others, he doesn’t ask them first if they actually want or even need his help. He doesn’t understand personal boundaries. Louis has problems following rules and rarely asks permission. He gets into trouble often.

Last year, he one day just showed up in class dressed in a girls’ uniform. That already got him into trouble with his teacher. However, Louis had also decided that from then on he was going to live in the girls’ dormitories and had proceeded to move in without bothering to ask his head of house first – nor any of the girls for that matter. That almost got him suspended. For the time being, he still insists on dressing up as a girl (at least most of the time) but he moved back in with the boys.

Academically, Louis could easily be at the top of his year, or quite probably even skip a year or two. But while he has the raw talent, he rarely puts any effort into his studies. His teachers describe him as lazy, disorganised and tardy. He barely listens in class, he doesn’t do his homework and he doesn’t even seem to try in his exams. Yet, he picks up new spells with astounding ease. With the exception of Potions, he excels at all practical applications of magic.

Louis is housemate of and friends with Aaron and Liam. The two don’t mind him hanging around them usually. However, recently, Louis has started to try to interject himself into their romantic relationship. They both made it clear that they weren’t interested and even started to avoid him when he didn’t stop, but that only seems to encourage Louis.

When Louis was visiting Aaron at his home over the holidays, Aaron’s neighbour Daniel asked Louis out on a date and Louis agreed to go out with him. Daniel only learned afterwards that Louis is a boy. Ever since, Daniel has refused to go out with Louis again and even denies that it was a date in the first place. Louis seems to have taken a liking of Daniel, though, for he keeps on asking him out again whenever he gets to see him – or maybe he is just teasing Daniel about their date like Aaron and Sarah are.

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