Liam Marley

Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Pale Brown


Liam is a sixteen years old wizard. Most of his family has no magical powers, his uncle on his mother’s side, however, is a wizard and he discovered Liam’s abilities quite early on. Thanks to him, Liam got introduced to the world of witches and wizards at a young age, though he is just as much at home in the mundane world. A student at Elysmere, where he is taught in magic, he currently lives in a dorm on the school grounds. He shares his room with his best friend and boyfriend Aaron. Like Aaron, he is into marital arts. They both are regular members at a gym in the town near their school.

Liam has a slight fetish for petplay and he just loves catboys. He has a surprising number of fake cat ears, tails and other paraphernalia which he makes Aaron wear whenever he has the chance.

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