Little Spy

It’s always a naughty boy spying on some girls in those pictures. Melanie restores balance to the universe.


  1. Simon

    You are really in favor of shedding clothes these days.I think a nudist may not have this kind of problems because they are naked all the time and the body is always shown to every one

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Right now I like doing mini-sets or single scenes like this one rather than larger sets.
      Setting up an entirely new scene takes a lot longer than creating such slight alterations, so I get a bit more out of my work this way.

  2. COF

    What a wonderfull outfits!

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Thanks! I won’t ask which outfit variant in particular you like most. 😀

      1. COF

        Why? All!:-)

  3. themoment

    Balance is a good thing. :p She’s lucky, gets treated to the sight of live-action omo so often. No wonder she ended up being into it (or, I think she does; no doubt wetting in her swimsuit for fun comes after seeing two of her friends go in their pants, and now this… maybe I overthink these things.)


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