The Teapotty – Extra, Page 1

You can find the main story here.

Simon caused all this mishap when he went to the bathroom at the start of the comic and then he seemingly vanished for what felt like ages to Chris. What happened to him and what did he do in all this time?


  1. Chris Diokno

    What are you up to Simon….

    1. the adorable Nathan

      By the look of things, I’d say he’s up to… about 3 foot 4 inches.


      That said, I like the fact we're about to see the *other* story from where it splits off from about page 2 of the original Tea Potty story. 😀

      1. Donar (Post author)

        I was happy someone noticed after all, but then I translated imperial to metric and realised you didn’t either. 😛

        1. the adorable Nathan

          I have a book of assorted science facts with a chart that shows typical height measures of kids from baby to grownup, in 2 year increments, I simply looked up the height for typical 4 year old boys and typed that here. 😀 I suppose I COULD have converted that into meters and centimeters, but was too lazy to. >>giggles<<

          (If anyone's curious, the book is 1002 FASCINATING FACTS AND FIGURES by The Diagram Group. I bought it decades ago specifically for that chart.)


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