Monthly Archive: October 2018

The Team

After creating Magni and his granddad, I felt like giving avatars to the other devices that came to live with me over the years, too.
Yes, that is a scorpion’s tail Idunn casually dangles off her bookcase. Don’t mess with my laptop, she’s outlived most other hardware in my possession and is still going strong. So I thought the ageless goddess of youth would be a good namesake for her.
Magni and Odin you already met. I believe both would agree with the description I’ve given them and see it as a compliment – while they each would consider the other’s title an insult.
Given the job description for a NAS, an obese dragon seemed the perfect avatar for the last resident of my desk.

Number Two

Fluid simulation experiment #4, fluids can be made viscous to simulate… other things.
Sorry if you don’t like scat, probably want to skip this post.

I’m not entirely happy with this animation. The simulation runs too fast compared to his movements and I still haven’t mastered moving characters’ centre of mass while keeping their feet in the same place. Textured liquids look fine in still images but become jittery in animations. Not sure how to fix that. And finally, some simulation artefacts getting stuck floating in the air.
Anyway, Magni and Odin have gone on strike and refuse to redo the whole thing, this is the best we’ll get for now. (more…)


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