This is Tania. You may have seen her as a background actor in some images about a year ago. Another set spawned from the “roadside pee” idea even though where Tania travels she doesn’t need roads – and, apparently, she can’t be bothered with rest stops, either.

Sorry for the lacklustre image set, I had a busy week. Still, I hope you enjoy!

Scat versions, usual warning applies, what will be seen possibly cannot be unseen:

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  1. themoment

    “Huh, it’s raining, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky… today… oh.”

    She a classmate of the other wizard folks?

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Yes. She was in the classroom picture I created as a preview for a story I never got around to (yet): https://donarsartblog.org/2016/06/11/a-little-preview/


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