Monthly Archive: September 2018


Another animation experiment. I think there is a special name for mostly still images that only have a small detail animated, but it escapes me. I like the effect and it’s way easier than animating the whole thing.
You can find the gif version below the fold in case the webm thingy doesn’t work for everybody.
Sep 26, 2018 @ 19:00 Edit: Noticed the grass poking through Brian’s leg and sneakily replaced both files with a fixed version. You may need to update your browser cache to see it.
Sep 26, 2018 @ 21:00 Another Edit: Decided to create a fundoshi version for pixiv instead of censoring the nude one. Added said version. This time I remembered the grass in Brian’s leg before posting (but not before creating the first version of the files), so this hopefully is the last edit to this post.


They’re Multiplying!

Just in case you thought I didn’t already have too many unfinished projects, here is a small preview of three more little critters I made. I needed some younger kids for an idea I was asked to do, besides I wanted to fill that gap between Ronnie and the rest of the cast anyway.
From left to right the boys are Jonas, Chris and Simon. (But don’t tell anyone, I think they’re some kind of superheros and their real identities need to stay secret.) More on them once I get around to start on that project.


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