Cast Line-up

All current named cast members together, twenty-one by now. These are actually multiple images combined into one because my computer can’t handle that many characters at once.
Warning for mobile users: The PNG version of the image is huge. You probably don’t want to click on the link to the full-size version.


  1. Kuro

    My favorites are: Ronnie, Kyle, Florian and Daniel

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Any reason it’s those four in particular?

  2. paul

    Florian seems a bit nervous. he shouldn’t be he should be proud of what he has. Surprised Sarah doesn’t take a peek at him. Louis seems, shall we say, distracted by Brian. Though there is a lot of eye candy all around for him. Surprised he is limp. He must have amazing control.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      No worries. We have a bucket of ice water to cool off Louis if need be and the other boys put it to use liberally.

      1. paul

        at least Louis’ hands are behind him and not fondling Haru or the other boys. ‘my hands do what they want I can’t control them’.

        1. Donar (Post author)

          Louis quickly learned that picking the two best looking jocks in his year as roommates has some disadvantages, too. After his first attempt they took him aside and very carefully explained to him where he is and isn’t allowed to put his hands. 😉

  3. themoment

    They’re multiplying like bunnies!

    Did you ever think the cast would get so big? And wow, some of these are a real blast from the past, aren’t they?

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Not really, though I like creating new characters and I often start way too many new projects at once, so I shouldn’t be surprised there are this many.

  4. paul

    I wonder how johnathan and daniel would look kissing??

    1. Donar (Post author)

      I may have encountered a little ‘complication’ here.
      Another reason why my cast grew so much is that I tend to give each character their own mind with preferences and dislikes, so not everyone is available for every scenario.

      1. Paul

        ‘look guys either you kiss each other or you kiss me!’ 😀

        nice to see they are discussing this while completely naked. (great asses by the way)

        I would say they could say ‘kiss this’ then piss all over him but Louis might actually enjoy that.

        still Johnathan and Daniel would make a cute couple. maybe in a dream sequence.

        with dreams anything is possible. In a dream Louis could be so studly every boy in school would beg to be with him.

  5. Ezekiel

    I love it. I really like the one with all the names of everyone. But seeing them all together something jumped right out at me. There ain’t one cut boy. Not one.

    I got a solution. Louis makes a pass at one of the boys, maybe Paul cause I really like Paul, or Aaron or Daniel. Whichever boy fits the plot. and the boy turns Louis down flatly, so Louis swings his wand and the boy gets an instant circumcision. Hahahahaaaa.

    Or maybe Sarah gets jealous of Louis when he plays her boyfriend so she cuts Louis and refuses to grow his fore skin back. Hahahahahahaaaa.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      I don’t like to nip off their bits. 🙁

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