Louis and Florian, Part 2

I’m sure Louis owns some underpants.


  1. themoment

    Um… what is he going to do to him? 0_o

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Oh, I don’t know… wait and see? 😛

  2. paul

    playing I’ll show you mine so you show me yours??? Louis seems to be a little excited though not full blown excited. at least not yet. Great ass though even under the dress. Guess florian and louis will be having a great kiss soon. not sure if louis want to start with a lip kiss and then kiss lower.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      That might happen.

  3. Ezekiel

    Florian is still looking anxious as Louis slides his hand inside Florian’s shorts. What if Florian going to do? Is he going to let Louis do what he wants or is Florian going to run off?

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Petrificus totalus! 😛

      1. Ezekiel

        Hey! Florian is stiff!

        1. Donar (Post author)

          Louis sure hopes so. 😉

  4. Max

    Hope to see what will happen next.
    I’ve watched every one of your artworks and I think you are a really excellent 3D painter.The stories,the body details of boys ,the cast list,everything is just,perfect.
    Why don’t you create a nudist boy who never wears clothes while he has friends who wear clothes?That will be interesting,I think.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Thank you!
      Happy you like my work.

      The fairies are nudists and they love to cause mischief among the giants. Do they count?

      1. Max

        The question is that fairy boys are small-sized,and in their world nudity is common.A human nudist may bot be widely accepted,and that’s the point.
        Anyway that’s just my suggestion.You are the author and I am your fan

    2. Ezekiel

      That’s curious. Would Hogwarts allow a nudist wizard at school who never wears clothing? Could be funny to see who is embarrassed by having a naked boy in their class.

      How would he display his House Colors?

      Where would he carry his wand? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Could be really funny. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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