Monthly Archive: March 2018

Cloth Diaper, Part 4

Do you still remember the image set with Kyle I did last year and never finished?
I for one apparently forgot about it until I found some more images of it I made back in 2017 but never got around to post until now.

So here they are. First night with those stupid bulky cloth diapers and they already leaked a little. But no worries, Kyle has a bulletproof plan to make sure he is getting his disposable diapers back. (more…)

Torus Lights

Another animation. Louis wouldn’t stop whining until I made one with him in it, too. This experiment turned out much better than I expected. Getting better at scenes with multiple independently moving items.
Video version and a few more still images below the fold.

The longer version of Sarah’s clip still needs a few more day.

Sarah Toilet Pee Preview

Some time ago I got a request for a different ending to “Made It Home in Time” where Sarah made it to the toilet.
Sarah liked the idea, so she and Daniel decided to record a little video.

Rendering all those frames is taking ages and I’m still working on a longer version, but here are some previews. Because of the better quality and the much smaller file size I used the webm format instead of gif. I hope nobody has playback issues, but afaik any non-ancient browser should be able to play those.


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