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[Update/Resolved] My Art is Getting Stolen, Please Help!

I am saddened I had to go to these troubles. The matter should have been easily resolved had shotachan staff honoured my initial delete request. Had they acted professional, they might even have convinced another artist to join them.

They didn’t.
So thank you all for you help!
However, for the fellow artists who told me it is pointless to complain about shotachan and those who said they only share their work there because they got bullied into it and that that is the only way to get at least some control over its distribution there:
You are not as powerless as you think. You have an audience. You have colleagues in the same situation. Ask for their help.

Shotachan staff are alone and they know it. They are afraid of the bad publicity their own actions will give them if made public.

[Resolved] My Art is Getting Stolen, Please Help!

EDIT 2018-01-25: The matter appears to have been resolved and my art deleted from shotachan. See my update post here.

EDIT 2018-01-24: Last reply from shotachan staff was the categorical refusal to delete anything and the suggestion I should give them my art for free because they were going to steal it anyway.
Last I saw was shotacat deleting all comments supporting my delete request and then the account I made to make my complaint got banned. Silence since then. So I assume they are not going to honour my request.
Instead now they are trying to shut down my official sites, succeeded with deviantart by mass-reporting my content. So what is your plan? If I don’t want to give you my art no one is allowed to get it? You certainly only have the best for the shota art community as a whole in your mind. Well, go on, do your worst! Your actions speak louder than anything I could ever do. That definitely is the best way to convince artists that you are actually nice people and that they should hand you their art and trust you as business partners!

First of all, I want to point out that I don’t hold any grudge against the people who actually posted my art at shotachan. They all were very nice and understanding and immediately agreed to stop sharing my art there. They are not at fault, the people running are to blame.

In general, I am perfectly fine with people sharing my art, as long as they don’t claim it as their own or make money with it.

However, there are two exceptions to this: Because of personal disagreements with the site owners I do not want my art shared in the shotachan and 3dboys communities. I expressedly forbade both of them to host any of my artwork on their sites. Since in both cases their reaction was to ban me, I assumed they were in agreement about that at least.

I recently had to learn that while I am still banned as a person at shotachan, they steal my art and staff refuses to honour my request to delete it. That is not OK. Especially not since my boycott of shotachan started when they did the exact same thing to another artist four years ago.

If you like my art and are a member of that community, please help and tell staff that their actions are not OK. Thank you!

EDIT: Since shotacat “accidentally” deleted Josh31’s post saying he was going to honour my request and delete what he had posted of my art and lasto’s post agreeing with my request as well as me thanking them when he locked the thread, I want to repeat myself here: Thank you both!
Nice to see that you are still the same old asshole as four years ago, shotacat!

How to Put on a Fundoshi, Part 1

I got a few requests for more images of the boys in fundoshi on my “Happy New Year”-set. Since I love those garments as well, I gladly oblige.

Allow me to take you behind the scenes and let Haru explain how to actually put on a fundoshi! This let me play with the new(-ish) dforce clothing simulation in daz. Turns out the simulation doesn’t seem to like distorting the clothes too much, so the “fundoshi” doesn’t have the right dimensions, sorry about that. (I already shortened the scarf I used for it by half.) I also found no way to simulate Haru pulling at the fabric and tighten it. If anyone has some tips on how to do that in the clothing simulation, I’d love to hear about it! So if Haru’s demonstration looks a bit inept, that is actually my fault, not his.

Anyway, here is Haru:


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