The Flight Mechanics of the Cherubim

A chat I had on pixiv yesterday gave me the idea to this little comic.
Also, I have seen other artists depict angel-like beings with their tiny wings on their butt for some reason. I have no idea if these are creatures from non-Abrahamic mythologies (Kinnara maybe?) or how that style came to be. In any case I found the visuals both funny and cute, so …Louis may or may not be pulling their leg.

Edit: I decided to add a clothed version for deviantart after all, so here is the alternative version for completeness sake.


  1. the adorable Nathan

    Speaking of Pixiv…. I was thinking at one point of placing my CG stuff up there, but then some while back someone was telling me they’d supposedly, retroactively required people with shota art showing bare genitals to either mosaic them or remove them. oO

    On the other hand, someone else I asked about it recently said that…. no, they only really want you to mosaic them in what would appear the thumbnails elsewhere on the site. Or if you live in Japan or the like. Is there some guide that tells me exactly where the boundaries lie on this?

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Before I started posting there I had a look around and found uncensored art five years old and older. Others use a miniscule censor bar that hides nothing. I haven’t had any request to censor anything of my own yet either.
      So based on that observations I assume that uncensored art is fine.
      However, if pixiv decides they want me to censor my art, I’ll comply with that wish as long as I share it there. They run the site, so they can decide what content they want there. If the Japanese law allows something pixiv doesn’t want, that is rather irrelevant to the question. Otherwise I’d post uncensored works on deviantart, too.


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