Monthly Archive: September 2017

Made It Home in Time, Page 16

The final page.
Also lots more corrections to previous ones. Corrected the bathroom floor on page 10 and the numbering for page 15. And added a page for “Made It Home in Time” in the list of comics you can find in the menu to the right. Somehow I always forgot to do so before.

I am working on the last images for “Intruders” at the moment and intend to finish that as well during the next week.

Continuing the Experiments

The last one missing for my make-over experiment was a first generation Genesis character.

I chose Ronnie as my victim Ronnie kindly volunteered for this purpose.

Ronnie is the youngest character I tried to create so far and I wasn’t happy with his proportions. So I did not just try to add more details to his shape, I also tried to correct his proportions. Therefore he has changed a lot more than most other characters will, but I think it is a improvement.

Here is his new look: (more…)

Louis 2.0

Louis got a make-over.
He still has quite a bit more puppy fat than Florian, in fact, he put on a few pounds. I also ended up adjusting his hips and chest a bit after all. He looks more boyish now, though I kept a hint of the female shape.
If you got a magnifying glass and squint really really hard, you might even see a few stubbles of hair under his arms and in his pubes now. But him being blonde, it isn’t very visible to begin with and he shaves, so it is very short. It probably won’t be visible in anything but very close-up shots of those regions. (more…)


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