Monthly Archive: August 2017


I changed a bit of the layout and if you are reading this you have probably already seen the welcome page I added.

So if anything appears broken, I probably breaked it. Just leave me a quick message if anything isn’t working for you anymore!

Ronnie Animation

After “the Leak Incident” I got multiple requests for a scat version. I’m afraid the little animation I created isn’t as over-the-top as requested, but I hope you like it anyway.

I want to get more into making animations, so I used this as a learning opportunity. I’m mostly happy about how it turned out, though I know the camera movements are choppy. It has way too few frames and yet I had to shrink down the finished gif a lot and reduce its quality to get the file size down.

Click on “more” if you want to see the animation. Content warning: Scat. (more…)

Brian and Haru

I noticed that I never added the two to the cast page, this has now been rectified. Here are their entries: Haru, Brian.

I also made two large portraits of them, mostly to work on the look of skin in very close-up shots. I think the eyes need the most improvement.


Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Donar, a hobbyist 3D artist, and this is where I post my art.

The computer-generated images in this Blog contain artificial nudity and deal with mature and sexual themes such as omorashi, watersports, yaoi or shota. If such material offends you or if it is illegal for you to view such material in your location, please leave now!