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I like characters in art to be anatomically correct, yet my own merfolk have been sadly lacking so far. The tail they use doesn’t have an option for such details and I just thought to myself that there wouldn’t be much to see anyway if they have cetacea-like anatomy – or even less if they are fish down there.

I upgraded the little dolphin for the image I posted earlier today, but of cause he ended up hiding his bits, so I made this quick set to show them off. The way I added the naughty bits is a little messy but with some post-work in Photoshop it will do.

However, since his rear is cetacean, there still isn’t much to see…


  1. Ezekiel

    I got a question? Why can’t Merboy’s tail begin from his legs instead of his waist. That way his pecker and butt will show.

    Why can’t it just be his legs fuse together to become the tail.

    Just curious what it would look like?

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Cute Idea.
      I believe I have seen a merpeople like that before, though not sure where or by what artist.
      Sadly outside of the scope of what I can do with the models at my disposal.


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