Chess Set: Angels

I got the angel chess set finished. Still feels strange I managed to render a scene with 16 characters in it, them all using the same marble texture really helps with the memory.


  1. Ezekiel

    I love this chess set. I so want one and I don’t play chess very good. I like how all the pieces are different. Not like in a real chess set where both Bishops are the same, Both knights are the same, and all the pawns are the same. Having them different like that makes it special.

    The other side will be easy right, just changing their color? Maybe blue marble?

    Now they are ready to play lawn chess. Naked boys moving the pieces that are as big as them. I seen some pics of lawn chess and that looks fun. With this chess set it be really fun.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Ah, no, that would be boring. They’ll get their own unique design as well.
      But that will take some time and I’ll have to catch up on my other ongoing projects first.

      Those giant chess pieces are surprisingly tiny.


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