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In my last post I said there were two new characters. This is Haru, he is also Louis’ classmate.

But unlike Louis he and Brian are into sports and after school they go to the same martial arts class as Liam and Aaron. In fact, they are taking these pictures in the gym locker room.



I was going to do a set with Liam and Aaron and I just needed two characters to populate the background. So I created Brian and his friend, then I thought I ought to at least introduce them and made one picture with them in the front and… well then the set ended up about them and Aaron and Liam were demoted and now are in the background. Sorry, you two!

Anyway, let’s start with Brian. This is him, he is a classmate of Louis.


“Use the tub”, he said…

Zoran actually should be surprisingly lightweight, at least compared to most horses. (Found a website that estimates a horse’s weight based on its measures.) Well, he is kind of small and skinny, I guess. I’m still a bit worried if this is save for him. That tub wasn’t designed to be stepped on by small and sharp hooves.

Thank you, Ezekiel, for the idea! And don’t worry, since you said you hated censor bars I went ahead and censored the censor bar for you.

Just teasing. Find the uncensored version below the fold. 😛


A Stroll in the Forest

Aaron and Liam take a stroll in the forest.

Oh, but today’s set isn’t about them, it is about the little scamp in the front. New character and I think the youngest-looking I ever tried to create. His name is Ronnie and he is Aaron’s little brother.

Aaron is actually supposed to look after him, not make out with his boyfriend. His parents tend to dump Ronnie on him when he is home from school. To be fair, though, Aaron usually doesn’t mind, he is good with kids and Ronnie loves his big brother. (more…)


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