Monthly Archive: April 2017

A Small Preview

I have been working some more on Zoran, trying to make him more anatomically correct. Definitely have spend way too much time staring at a centaur’s anus this past week. And then I found out someone actually talented at 3d editing had the same thought and I could just have waited a few days to get much better looking equipment for Zoran with much less time and effort.
Oh well. Here is a small preview of a set I am making with him. I guess I will update Zoran again and redo the images I already rendered.

Another Strange Critter Followed Me Home!

I wanted to make a centaur character for ages, but I never had the skill and time to build one myself. So it was a most pleasant surprise when DAZ released the Centaur 7.

Here is my first attempt at a centaur character, and, incidentally, also my first based on a Genesis 3 figure. I named him “Zoran”.

I used the LAMH plugin to give him “real” fur. He is rendered in Daz Studio in iray.


School Uniforms

After I made that portrait of Jonathan a few days ago, I got the idea to try and improve upon the school uniforms. After all, the characters had their make-over, seems just fair I gave their clothes some love, too.

I named the images after the four seasons, but the outfit combinations shown are just guidelines. It is perfectly acceptable for a student to wear the summer outfit on a warm spring day – or even mid winter, should they so choose. And, as Louis will happily point out whenever prompted, the dress code only requires students to be in uniform. Never does it state that a girls’ uniform isn’t appropriate for boys or vice versa. To be honest, the dress code is a bit of a mess, but no one seems to feel the need to update it.

Introducing Jezebeth

Jezebeth, Daughter of Dajjal

A demon girl who ranges the woods and fields near the school. She usually tends to avoid populated areas, but has foraged into the village and onto the school grounds before. She will approach lone people and on occasion even small groups.

A capricious creature by nature, her intentions can never be predicted. Though so far she has not caused any serious harm, she should not be trusted. She has not yet been observed using any magic, but a strong innate ability can be assumed.

While this particular individual seems to be of a mostly friendly disposition, all demonkin are inherently malicious and dangerous. Students are warned not to engage with her under any circumstances.

– The Headmaster


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