Christmas 2016, Addendum

Louis is still pestering the poor old man.

I don’t really like how this image turned out. The scene looks to plain compared to the other two, but I decided to post it anyway.


  1. grimCreeper

    I think it’s good. 🙂
    Or rather… naughty? 😛
    I just don’t geht that shape-shifter thingy. *looks innocently at you*
    Teach me, Professor? :3

    1. Ezekiel

      I don’t understand the shape shifter thingy either??????

      I don’t think it plain either. Heck how fancy can a bathroom be anyway?

      I guess I am naughty to, cause if I was peeing next to Santa, I am going to look to.

      Merry Christmas, Everybody.

      1. grimCreeper

        To you too. 🙂

        Got two suggestions:
        1. Same as in “Santa goes from fat to skinny when he goes through the chimney.

        2. …how do I explain that… Maybe he was hoping Santa would pee some more festive liquid…? xDD
        (Had too much rum truffles, I suppose…)

        I hope headmaster Dunardore explains it to us, soon. :3

        1. Donar (Post author)

          A joke that has to be explained is a bad joke. But OK, assuming you two are not pulling my leg: Louis thinks Santa is rather small in the male department and assumes a shape-shifter would have been more generous to themselves had they designed the body.
          You make me wonder about the chimney-thing, tough. How does he do that?

          1. grimCreeper

            Same thing. 😛

            Santa is a fat old man.
            So how does he fit through chimneys?
            He must be able to shift from thick to thin.

            An nobody said, he could just do that, when he tried fitting Ingo chimneys. 😉

      2. Donar (Post author)

        Exactly. Nothing good left to add, yet the other scenes looked really detailed and cluttered while the bathroom appeared empty in comparison.
        The jolly old man probably wouldn’t even notice. Maybe just don’t comment on his size like Louis? 😉

        And happy Hogswatchnight to you, too! 😉


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