Some Closeups

Still working on the new look.
I corrected a mistake I made with Louis’ eyes, they should look OK now.

Do you think the eyebrows look too thick on both of them now or just Liam?

New Look:


Old Portraits for comparison:

liam-portrait louis-portrait

As for Liam’s wealth of body hair, maybe Aaron could talk him to shaving for an image set or two. But given Liam’s fetish I’m not sure he’ll agree. I think he likes his “fur”…



  1. grimCreeper

    Oh dear, the last picture was a bit of a shock, you know? xDD

    But about the eyebrows…
    They are genereally thicker in the new pics, but I think Louis’ are OK.
    His eyes look better now, but I Linda liked the laser-version, too. xDD

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Shock? How? That’s a cute catboy! I want to cuddle him!

      OK, thanks,
      I’ll give Liam’s eyebrows another look then.

  2. Ezekiel

    Louis. I like his freckles and hair in his new look. I still prefer his eyes in the old version.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Thanks! I’ll look into the eyes (and the eyebrows).
      I’ll start to update all characters, but first I’ll try to get back on track with “Intruders” and finish that story.

      1. Ezekiel

        Another Intruders!!!!! Yipeeeeeeee! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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