Monthly Archive: November 2016

Liam and Aaron

This week wasn’t a good one for me. So I didn’t find much time to work on my art or to reply to your comments (sorry about that!).

There won’t be an update for “Intruders” this weekend. Instead here is a quick image of Liam and Aaron:

Aaron was supposed to be dressed when I first thought of this scene. Not sure how he ended up like this.

Two Greedy Monsters and a Well-Prepared Astronaut, Part 2


The second half of the Halloween special.

Special thanks goes to grimCreeper! The little story you shared in the comments for part one gave me the idea for the events on page eleven.

Sorry for making you wait an extra week for the end of this story, though given the theme it seems surprisingly appropriate. Anyways, I hope you like it!

I maintain that Aaron didn’t plan for any of these events to happen this way, but I deliberately left the ending ambiguous. So it is up to you to decide if he just didn’t think ahead or if he really is that mean.



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