Cookie Break

Someone sneaked in and left some cookies.


Jonathan still is a bit shy around the other boys, also it can get quite cold being in the nude for those photo shoots, so he put his bathrobe back on during the break.

I think at some point there I crossed the line from teasing to just pure evil, I’m sorry! (Not.)

But honestly, you’ll have to wait for the continuation of “Intruders” if you want to see more of him. 😛


  1. grimCreeper

    Awww! :3 I want some!

    1. Ezekiel

      Me to. But I want chocolate milk with my cookies.

      Do you see that JT’s robe is open in front. I bet Kyle sees everything.

      I glad they don’t wear stupid pj’s like at Hogwarts.

      “I think at some point there I crossed the line from teasing to just pure evil, I’m sorry! (Not.)” Yep! DumbleyDonar, you did.

      1. Donar (Post author)

        I am and enjoying myself. 😛

        1. Ezekiel

          Ya. You being a real devil. }:-)

          1. Ezekiel

            My devil didn’t work. }:)

          2. Donar (Post author)

            No worries, I’m from a generation that isn’t used to emoticons turning into little images anyways. ^_^
            Try :twisted: 😈 it seems the closest to a devil wordpress understands.

  2. themoment

    Who left the cookies, I wonder? If the fairies did, what comes next might be hilarious.

    Also, Kyle’s return is unexpected! (And I bet he does see everything.)

    1. Donar (Post author)

      It’s not like I’m intentionally neglecting any of the boys. I just have too little time for all of them. Kyle just happened to be the one I was working on next. 🙂


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