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jonathanSince you seem to have taken a liking of Jonathan, I thought I would add him next. Can’t reveal much about him yet, as it would contain spoilers.

As for his character sheets, he seems a bit shy. Sorry, I am such a tease!

Jonathan Tobias Griffith

Jonathan is thirteen years old. He is the heir to an old wizard family.

There aren’t many images of Jonathan yet, but you can search the gallery for him anyways.


  1. grimCreeper

    You can’t hide from me! Not at all at least…
    *looks in between bis legst from behind* 😛

    Well, he nicht turn out to be a cutie… Depends.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Careful, you don’t want to scare the cutie away! 😛

      1. grimCreeper

        *takes out book*
        “How to hunt cuties with cookies”
        Don’t worry. I’m an expert. 😉

        (Did I mention how mich I hate my mobile’s auto-correction? Nicht instead of might, above)

      2. Ezekiel

        Too late! 🙂 You can’t scare the cutie away now. It is already loose.

        He is beautiful. You made him nakers. AWESOME!

        It’s not fair you got his hands covering his most important parts. Bad DumbleyDonar.

        I so cant wait to see his little red hairs. And other things too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Sorry I being nasty now.

        Yes DumbleDonar, you are a big tease. 😉 😉 😉

        1. grimCreeper

          He is, isn’t he? 🙁
          Want a cookie to feed the cutie with?

          1. Ezekiel

            Yes. Please!

            Double chocolate chip?

            We get double chocolate chip cookies on Fridays for dessert. They are the best.

          2. grimCreeper

            I looove cookies. Best dipped in hot choclate. Or licking molten crumbles from some creamy-skinned chest… *trembles* :9

          3. Donar (Post author)

            What is all this talk about chocolate cookies?
            Is this some attempt at bribery?

          4. grimCreeper

            Nope, just trying to allure cuties.
            It totally worked in Ezekiel. 😀

            …want a cookie, Professor? 🙂

  2. Ezekiel


    We had double chocolate chip cookies for desert last night and I ate one just for you. 🙂


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