More Character Pages: Étaín & Cáel

Why, oh why!

Jonathan. Bright young man. Happily follows directions and will patiently stand still for extended periods of time. Only some transparency in his hair, renders in about thirty minutes.

Étaín and Cáel. Bouncy, hyperactive bundles of energy. Won’t follow even simplest directions and seemingly unable to stand still for more than a second. Huge translucent wings, take hours to render.

Somehow, I managed to get their character sheets done. I created pages for the two as well. Read on here or click on the links in the menu at the side to see them!


Étaín is a young fairy, her exact age is unknown. She looks like a nine or ten years old girl, and according to herself, she is nine winters old. She has a twin brother named Cáel, they seem almost glued together, it is very rare to meet one without the other.

Étaín sometimes helps out older fairies around the village, but other than that, she doesn’t seem to undergo any kind of formal education. She spends most days roaming the forest with her twin brother or venturing into the nearby school grounds. The two are always out to do some mischief or find new playmates.


Cáel is a young fairy who has the appearance of a nine or ten years old boy, though his exact age is unknown. According to himself, he was born during the summer court nine winters ago. He has a twin sister named Étaín, they seem inseparable.

While he sometimes helps out with tasks around the village, Cáel doesn’t appear to be undergoing any kind of formal education. Most days he spends aimlessly roaming the forest with his twin sister or exploring the nearby school grounds. The two are always happy to play with or prank anyone they meet.

You can search the image gallery for them as well: Étaín Cáel


  1. grimCreeper

    I love them! Honestly, I like them waaay best. 🙂
    Maybe because they look so fragile, yet so dangerous.
    You really created two little masterpieces there, if you ask me. 🙂

    And about Jo… well, I’ve got to learn more about him, to come to like him first, I guess.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Thank you!
      I bet it’s because of their little wings and tails, they’re just so cute! Or that is just my thinking?

      1. grimCreeper

        Well, it is, partally.
        But it’s also their hair, their features and the comparsion to normal-sized things.

        But that’s not acutally what fascinates me.
        It’s more the personal touch you gave them.
        Their sharp teeth, the look in their eyes, everything about the way they act.

        That stuff that differs them from the usual inky-blinky fairy kind.

        1. Donar (Post author)

          That’s true, I suppose.
          Well, they aren’t Victorian fairies, that much is certain, but I’m not sure they’re that far off from the older portrayals of their kind, at least as far as their personality goes.

          1. grimCreeper

            Well, anyhow, they’re definitely unusual. 🙂

          2. Ezekiel

            Oh ya. They aint like no Disney fairy.

            They are like the fairies in old legends. In old stories if you stepped into a fairy ring you belonged to them and you might never get free. The old fairies were very mischievous and tricksters.

            That’s why I like these imps, because they are nasty little fairies. They are going to have their fun. They aint no Tinker Bell.

  2. themoment

    Adorable little troublemakers! And I like the razor teeth too. Shows that they’re not totally harmless. As has been mentioned before, old-school fairies weren’t all rainbows and sparkles! They and their world don’t play by the same rules as you, so they don’t even have to be outright malevolent to play some very dangerous games with you. Keep your wits about you, Jonathan!

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Exactly. They just see the world different than we do!
      The two seem to categorize most things into edible or non-edible first, interesting and non-interesting second. But don’t worry! I’m sure those stories of fairies preying on humans are vastly exaggerated. Humans are far too big to be in the “edible”-category, I’m sure.


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