Liam and Louis

I’m back. My computer is up and running again. The boys (and girls) are OK, no loss of data happened.

So, here are Liam and Louis, as promised!

(I may or may not have gotten a bit overboard with Louis’ characterisation when I wrote it during the forced down-time.)

Liam Marley

Liam is a sixteen years old wizard. Most of his family has no magical powers, his uncle on his mother’s side, however, is a wizard and he discovered Liam’s abilities quite early on. Thanks to him, Liam got introduced to the world of witches and wizards at a young age, though he is just as much at home in the mundane world. A student at Elysmere, where he is taught in magic, he currently lives in a dorm on the school grounds. He shares his room with his best friend and boyfriend Aaron. Like Aaron, he is into marital arts. They both are regular members at a gym in the town near their school.

Liam has a slight fetish for petplay and he just loves catboys. He has a surprising number of fake cat ears, tails and other paraphernalia which he makes Aaron wear whenever he has the chance.

Louis Cyril Ariel Bellerose

It doesn’t get much more old-blood than the Bellerose. Fourteen years old Louis Cyril Ariel, who usually just goes by his first name Louis, is the youngest heir to this ancient family of powerful wizards. The Bellerose are well respected for their mastery of the arcane arts, however, it seems one can’t have such a close affinity to magic without being touched by it oneself. Over the generations, they have build quite the reputation for their eccentricity – some might go so far as to call it madness.

Louis certainly isn’t an exception from this. Cheeky and flamboyant, he always has to be at the centre of attention. Though he rarely acts with ill intentions, he usually doesn’t think things through before he jumps into action. When he tries to help others, he doesn’t ask them first if they actually want or even need his help. He doesn’t understand personal boundaries. Louis has problems following rules and rarely asks permission. He gets into trouble often.

Last year, he one day just showed up in class dressed in a girls’ uniform. That already got him into trouble with his teacher. However, Louis had also decided that from then on he was going to live in the girls’ dormitories and had proceeded to move in without bothering to ask his head of house first – nor any of the girls for that matter. That almost got him suspended. For the time being, he still insists on dressing up as a girl (at least most of the time) but he moved back in with the boys.

Academically, Louis could easily be at the top of his year, or quite probably even skip a year or two. But while he has the raw talent, he rarely puts any effort into his studies. His teachers describe him as lazy, disorganised and tardy. He barely listens in class, he doesn’t do his homework and he doesn’t even seem to try in his exams. Yet, he picks up new spells with astounding ease. With the exception of Potions, he excels at all practical applications of magic.

Louis is housemate of and friends with Aaron and Liam. The two don’t mind him hanging around them usually. However, recently, Louis has started to try to interject himself into their romantic relationship. They both made it clear that they weren’t interested and even started to avoid him when he didn’t stop, but that only seems to encourage Louis.

When Louis was visiting Aaron at his home over the holidays, Aaron’s neighbour Daniel asked Louis out on a date and Louis agreed to go out with him. Daniel only learned afterwards that Louis is a boy. Ever since, Daniel has refused to go out with Louis again and even denies that it was a date in the first place. Louis seems to have taken a liking of Daniel, though, for he keeps on asking him out again whenever he gets to see him – or maybe he is just teasing Daniel about their date like Aaron and Sarah are.

Their cast pages are already updated. I also added links to search the gallery for images with them: Liam Louis


  1. grimCreeper

    I actually thought Aaron and Liam where older…
    You really put a lot of effort in the descriptions! o.o
    And yep, Louis’ is a bit intense, but I guess it fits him. 🙂

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Well, they are a bit buff, after all, they regularly go to the gym, maybe that’s why.

      1. grimCreeper

        Hmm… Not sure if it’s that. I thought it was their faces.
        Or their expressions, maybe.

  2. themoment

    Aw, poor Louis. He seems like a carefree cut-up but his life isn’t as easy as you might think, is it?

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Isn’t it always?

      You bet! One moment you’re helping people, the next they’re suddenly yelling at you! School is really hard, too. The teachers drone on and on about wand movements and how to stress each syllable of the incantation and they make you practice forever until you get like every tiny bit exactly like they want you to before you’re even allowed to try and cast the spell. I mean, that’s not how you cast magic, you just like… do. Potions is worst. ‘You cut it too small’, ‘you cut it too large’. ‘Cut across the fibre, not with it’, ‘you added too much’, ‘you added too little’, ‘you added it too early’, ‘you did it too late’, it doesn’t even make sense!

      – Louis

      Mr Bellerose will be the death of me. He is unable to follow simplest instructions and he messes up all but the most basic potions. The boy is a menace. One of these days he’ll either kill himself or a fellow student with his ineptitude.

      – The Potionsmaster

      Trying to live up to the high expectations everybody has for him because of his family name is hard on the boy. He is just being a boy. Do you want some jelly beans?

      – Headmaster Dunardore
      1. Ezekiel

        “Yes! Jelly beans, Please!”



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