The Start of a New Cast Page and Computer Trouble

Ever since I created that quick & dirty cast page some months ago, I wanted to improve on it. I finally got around to it.

Aaron is the first to get a slightly longer biography (and a last name!). I also added in a new portrait shot and two character sheets for him:

Aaron Fawcett


Aaron is a sixteen years old wizard, the first in his family to show any aptitude for magic. He is a student at the Elysmere Boarding School for Witches and Wizards where he met his boyfriend, Liam. Aaron is an average student, though recently he puts in more effort and his grades are slowly starting to improve. Like Liam he is into martial arts. At least once a week the two frequent a gym in the town near their school.

Aaron has a fetish for watersports in general and omorashi in particular. Liam doesn’t care much for either, but he indulges Aaron, just like Aaron sometimes dresses up as a catboy for him.

You can find Aaron’s new page via the link here or from the cast menu to the right. His image gallery has been improved as well.


I intended to make this a bigger update, Liam and Louis have their portraits and character sheets done already as well. However, I can’t upload them to the blog right now, which brings me to the second part of this post.

My computer decided to croak and die on me today. It will be a few days before I get it replaced and everything up and running again. So for the time being there won’t be any new art. Sorry!


  1. grimCreeper

    I love the new pictures you made of him. *zooms in on the naked hottie above and starts to drool*

    I like those improvements. Not only the naked ones of course. 😀

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Thank you!
      I hope to be able to post new updates mid to end of next week. But anyways, this break gives me the time to do some more writing.


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