Monthly Archive: September 2016

Cookie Break

Someone sneaked in and left some cookies.


Jonathan still is a bit shy around the other boys, also it can get quite cold being in the nude for those photo shoots, so he put his bathrobe back on during the break.

I think at some point there I crossed the line from teasing to just pure evil, I’m sorry! (Not.)

But honestly, you’ll have to wait for the continuation of “Intruders” if you want to see more of him. 😛

More Character Pages: Étaín & Cáel

Why, oh why!

Jonathan. Bright young man. Happily follows directions and will patiently stand still for extended periods of time. Only some transparency in his hair, renders in about thirty minutes.

Étaín and Cáel. Bouncy, hyperactive bundles of energy. Won’t follow even simplest directions and seemingly unable to stand still for more than a second. Huge translucent wings, take hours to render.

Somehow, I managed to get their character sheets done. I created pages for the two as well. Read on here or click on the links in the menu at the side to see them!


Intruders, Page 4

I finally got the remaining two images for the next page done. Sorry for the delay!
(If you’re wondering, it was Cáel up there on the right who killed the computer. Or at least it died while rendering him. Coincidence? I think not! Bet the little imp did something!)

I also decided to name the human boy Jonathan Tobias Griffith. I hope Ezekiel doesn’t mind that “Tobias” only ended up his second name. Jonathan is the descendant of a long line of mages, but other than that I won’t give away any more about him yet.



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