Intruders, Part 1

Here is the start of the new comic I am working on. Étaín and Cáel are up to some new mischief. I hope you like the comic and sorry in advance for the slow update speed.

Intruders 00 CoverIntruders 01 Intruders 02


  1. Ezekiel

    Oh! Wow! This looks it is going to be a really good comic. I cant wait to see it all.

    Cáel and Étaín are already in the bathroom flying around and having fun. They going to make everything interesting. They already painted over the title. Making the boy the Intruder instead of them being Intruders.

    I like the cover page. It has the redhead boy that I like so much. Is he Aaron’s little brother? Does he have a name yet. It be good to call him by his name.

    It is funny Cáel and Étaín playing in the water. That is so kewl. I going to like this comic most of all. Thanks for making it.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Well, we don’t know if he is a head boy or prefect, so …

      He doesn’t have a name yet and I don’t know. Haven’t thought of a possible family relation between them yet either. So maybe. Nobody knows yet. 🙂

      I’m glad you like it. 🙂

      1. Ezekiel

        He probably to young to be a head boy or prefect. He probably just sneaking in to their Grand Bathroom, to check it out and have fun. He better not get caught though cause that would mean a caning?

        Course Cáel knows that so Tobias better be careful around the fairies, cause they would get him caught just to watch him get his backside busted.

        Ya I calling him Tobias. He looks like a Tobias. He aint related to Aaron. Totally different families and they in different houses.

        Tobias is first in his family with magic. He the first in his family to go to a magic school. So he new to everything. He likes to explore even if it means consequences if he gets caught.

        Sorry. I already telling your story. It already in my head. I got a wild imagination that gets me into trouble sometimes. Sorry.

        1. grimCreeper

          You know, I’ve been wondering about that habit of yours for quite a while now.
          It’s kinda confusing, but since you know yourself, it’s also kinda funny. 🙂
          (And honestly, I envy you for finding names so fast, but you got a naughty mind, so I kinda like you. xD)

          But anyhow: I’m dying to find out, what Donar will present us about his story and plans for the characters. 😉

          Headmaster Dunardore knows best for sure. 😛

          1. Ezekiel

            grimCreeper. That funny. Me confusing. No way. I like to make up stories is all. So when I see Donardore’s boys I know their names. Least names I give them.

            Naughty mind. Ya I do. Headmaster Donardore would say I got a wicked mind like I know what Cáel would be doing with Tobias in the tub if I was telling the story.

            Dad is taking me back to school tomorrow, so don’t know how much I can be around for awhile. At least till I get all moved in and find out what kind of dorm mates I got this year.

          2. grimCreeper

            That wasn’t supposed to sound mean, so sorry if it did.
            What I ment is, that it’s confusing to me, because most people do think further, like you do (I’m also fantasising further 😛 ) but most don’t tell about what they think.
            It’s not like that’s something bad, but I do believe you, if you say that gets you into trouble sometimes. 😀

            Well I wish you good luck for school! 🙂

          3. Donar (Post author)

            Yeah, I hope you get nice dorm mates, too, Ezekiel!
            I suspect, you are right, grimCreeper, most people have imagination, it is just most of the time they choose to pretend not to.

  2. grimCreeper

    Wow, you managed to make Thema look really realistic, this time! *-*
    Especially the lowest part oft the second pic. The waterdrops look awesome.

    And I love the layout you chose for the room.

    Just wondering what your two rascals are up to this time – vor what they’ll geht into, probably? 🙂

    It’s stunning, how livid your pictures look by now. 😀

    1. Donar (Post author)


      Well, I can’t take too much credit for the layout of the room. I mostly just added the floor tubs and the statue. Still, I like the way it turned out, too. 🙂

      More trouble, of cause! 🙂

      Thanks! I hope I’ll manage to find nice views for the rest of the pictures as well. The fairies are so tiny, I have to zoom in really close on the rest of the scenery. Not all objects have the necessary details to make them look good that close up. :/

      1. grimCreeper

        Did you choose where they stand?

        More trouble sounds good to me. 😀

        I don’t know if you have options on that, but maybe it’ll help to make the patterns on the objects smaller, too.
        Like wood, stone and so on.
        Depending on what you’re depicting, it won’t be this apparent, since one wouldn’t see the whole object anyhow and only the nearest part having clear features while things and parts of the same object, that are further behind are blurring out might even make a nice effect to demonstrate how small the fairies are.

  3. Ezekiel

    Thanks grimCreeper. School is going ok. First week was rough cause I had to take care of the new cadets. But they on their own now, so it is much better. 🙂

    I only get in trouble for daydreaming if I get caught during class. 🙁

    DumbleDonar, I got really great dorm mates this year. One is a friend I met at camp over summer. He likes getting in trouble so this year going to be fun. Happy your pc is going again.


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