A Little Preview

I mentioned in the comments that I had been busy creating characters I need as background actors for some story. In fact, I’ve been working on them (and their classroom) for weeks now.

This is a first preview. I might still do some minor edits, but other than that they are ready to go.

In Class


  1. grimCreeper

    A skull! *-* A dragon! 😀 A lot of mysterious looking vials! *o*

    I love it! I’m excited, I wanna know more! *-*

    Especially since you really got a lot of new characters there and I’m curious who they are.
    And what the dragon is gonna do. xD

    Looks like you really put a lot of effort into their creation. 🙂

    1. Donar (Post author)

      I knew you would like the setting. 😉
      But can you pick out the future main character among the kids? Wager a guess? 😛

      The dragon? Not much. Hanging around, mostly. Being that it’s dead and has been mounted to the ceiling. But I thought it looked odd, too. I probably should look for a dragon skeleton or some other replacement.

      1. grimCreeper

        Well, I have a few guesses, but I’d rather get surprised.

        Right. No livid dragons allowed in classrooms. 😉
        It still looks amazing. I wouldn’t exchange it with a skeleton. Looking like that it’s quite impressive.

        I really am amazed. 😀

        1. Donar (Post author)

          OK. Well, I wasn’t going to tell anyways, but you may still guess. 😛

          I’m most amazed my poor computer didn’t just croak and die when I loaded them all into one scene for the first time. I think this is the most characters I ever did in the same scene.

          1. grimCreeper

            Well, let’s just say the second row looks pretty vivid. 😉

            Is such a process taking that much power?? O.O

            Kinda reminds me of my drawing-software now… x.x

          2. Donar (Post author)

            It mostly takes a lot of memory. (And when rendering the finished scene, whatever computing power processor and graphics card can offer.)
            But I also have to navigate the scene while setting it up, and that gets increasingly sluggish and hard to work with with scenes this complex. Plus I get nervous it might crash when the program freezes and takes a few seconds to a minute to apply my changes before it reacts again. 😉

  2. Ezekiel

    Harry Potter scene. Kewl. Sorry for being gone, but we are out of school and on vacation in Florida and aint been online.

    I like the redheaded boy. Love the dragon. Since I don’t see his wings I guess they nailed to ceiling.

    Awesome skull. Is that bones on the table in the front right?

    Must not be no Professor there cause everyone looking around in different directions instead of looking at the teacher.

    No one got their top button fastened and tie up tight. If I do that at school I get a demerit.

    I’d be the boy in the very back, cause I don’t like sitting up front.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Enjoy your holiday! Don’t get eaten by an alligator! 😉

      The bones are teaching material. Or the remains of the last student who dared talk back to the potion master. Maybe both. Maybe some seventh-grader just made it all up to scare the younger kids.

      1. Ezekiel

        Is there going to be more of these? I sure hope so.

        1. Donar (Post author)

          Sure, there will be.
          I will load up some more previews today.


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