Monthly Archive: June 2016

The Second House

Blue House 1Like in some other fictional school for young witches and wizards (which I totally didn’t rip off for this completely original setting), the blue house are all boring bookworms. But even those teacher’s pets weren’t happy about the book in their badge and demanded a cool animal like the others. So I changed it to a bird.

Blue House 2Changed his hair from black to dark brown.

Some More Previews

I made some small corrections to their looks.

The school uniforms are now lighter. I think the gray looks better than the almost black from before.

Green House 1The blonde girl is a bit skinnier now, especially in her face. She looked too nice before, I like her better this way.

Since you seemed to like the redhead, I selected him as her male counterpart.

Green House 2That’s the girl from the last row.

A Different Perspective

Just a quick one of Liam posing.

Sorry, I didn’t have much time this week. Obviously, a scene like this where I only have to pose one character and can reuse the background is set up much faster than, say, something like the scene from the previous post. So those posing series allow me to get something finished and presentable even if pressed for time or when I can’t get much done for other reasons. Hope you don’t mind.

Liam Posing ANude version below the fold.



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