Wet Awakening

Seems like he almost made it till morning.

Boy Drynite 1But he looks a bit uncomfortable…

Boy Drynite 2…oh-oh.

Well, at least now he seems much happier and relieved.

Boy Drynite 3 Boy Drynite 4Until he wakes up, that is. Sorry, kid. Tomorrow you’ll make it!


  1. Ezekiel

    I love Omaroshi. He is so cute. He looks like maybe same age as me. Are those pull ups he is wearing? I wear tru fits. They look more like real underwear.

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Thank you!
      Those are pull-ups, yes. Made to look like some older design for drynites.

  2. Ichi

    oh my…this is so awesome !!! you’re very good, please keep going with diaper boy or bedwetting , you’re one of the most talented i have ever seen !

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Thanks, I will.
      Well, I am kind of cheating. Anyone who actually draws with their hands is way more talented than I, even if maybe their characters don’t look as realistic.

      1. Ichi

        Well, when i say talented, i don’t just talk about the technic :p
        I’m a total no talent in draws so i don’t judge by only one standart :3
        I think your also good from the idea of the pics, the context etc !!
        Even the little story is cute ^^
        I just love the design of the drynites, you make it sooo childish !
        I aslo notice details such as yellowing of the protection ^^

        1. Donar (Post author)

          It always makes me happy when someone notices such details, so thanks again. 🙂

  3. grimCreeper

    He looks sad in the last picture. 🙁 😉
    Nice work. One can see the slight movements and how it happens.
    Only thing you could probably do, is playing a bit more with the mimic, like just a tiny bit more furrowed brows in pic two vor a slightly more visible smile before he wakes up.

    Just telling you, since you said, your still working on movements and such.
    But at all it looks pretty vivid, since his arm moves down in the process.

    And: Awww, dinosaur-pattern. 😀

    1. Donar (Post author)

      Thanks! Yes, small detail there with his hand. One the one hand I deliberately kept the same view and position to emphasis the changes, but on the other I didn’t want him to seem completely static. If I find the time, I’ll make another version with more extreme facial expressions to see which looks better.

      Well, what can I say? I like the dinosaurs, too.


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